Stucco Painting Tips

Tips and Techniques for Painting a Stucco Home

The main objective of every painting company is to give their customers the best painting services. Satisfied customers bring more business to painting companies. However, it is quite challenging to painting companies when it comes to painting special walls, such as those of a stucco home. This means that painters need to be more careful in order to give good results. Painters need to know the gray shades that a stucco wall should have in order to look outstanding after painting. Therefore there are several painting tips and techniques that painting companies should use in order impress customers with stucco homes.

What is unique with Stucco homes?

It is worth noting that Stucco homes have special exterior or interior walls. The walls are coated with Stucco that is applied when wet and left to dry, giving the walls a beautiful, textured appearance.  Stucco is normally durable and attractive making it suitable for covering exterior walls in places with unfriendly weather conditions. However, painting stucco homes is not an easy task and it requires skilled painters and the use of recommended exterior and interior paints and coatings.

Tips and Techniques When Painting Stucco Homes


1. Adequate skills and experience.

Stucco homes have special walls and painting companies need to assign painters who have adequate skills and experience in painting Stucco walls. It is worth noting that not all painters are qualified to paint stucco walls.


2. Use quality and recommended paint.

Stucco walls require special paint in order to look outstanding. Painting companies should, therefore, research for exterior and Interior Paint Color Ideas in order to ensure that they have used the best paint when painting stucco homes.


3. Apply the paint correctly.

Stucco exterior and interior walls are quite sensitive and painters need to apply paint correctly when painting them. Painters need to determine the correct paint application method to use and the number of shades to make in order to have good results.


4. Curing.

Always ensure that Stucco walls have cured for at least 30 days to avoid damaging the wall when painting. This also ensures that walls are dry enough to be painted.


5. Clean and dry.

Clean the stucco wall and let it dry completely before painting. Most of the home interior paints give good results when surfaces to be painted are free from dirt. Cleaning stucco walls prevent the formation of unwanted shades when painting.

Following the above exterior and interior painting tips and techniques makes painting stucco homes easy and more economical for painting companies. Customers get good results thereby bringing more business to painting companies.

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